Meet Jere & Diane

Jere and Diane have been each other’s cheerleaders for decades and launched their first companies at around the same time.  Diane first started a technical recruiting firm working with startups, then launched a maternity apparel company.  In Jere’s case, what started as a “why-retire-when-you’re-having-fun” garage tinkering LLC grew quickly beyond MVPs and became a portfolio of patented IP that was well-timed for the growing market of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous vehicle (AV) technologies.  

Company rumor has it Diane, with her background in the software industry, mentioned to Jere over a really tasty Northwest IPA that his washer fluid heating system would be great not just for cleaning windshields but also for cleaning the increasing number of cameras, sensors and radar systems on cars.


When Jere found out in 2016 that two major automotive OEs wanted to buy his patented washer fluid heating system, he called his equally entrepreneurial daughter Diane for help launching it on the business side and developing a company around his IP portfolio of "visibility for mobility" innovations.  And when Diane realized her kids would start driving right around the time that autonomous trucks would hit the road in large numbers, she stopped everything and jumped behind the wheel. 

SEEVA Technologies is the kind of company that comes about when you encourage your little girl to hang around you in the garage, give her her own set of tools, talk about your projects and passions with her, and teach her she can do anything she sets her mind to.  Jere always says he regrets not pressuring Diane to get into engineering, but Diane says that, as always, she just got there her own way.