North Dakota Department of Transportation

The North Dakota Department of Transportation maintains approximately 17,000 lane miles of roadway with 350 snow plow trucks.  Doing more with less is a necessity for North Dakota’s hardworking DOT teams, a state which experiences cold, snowy winters and hot, humid summers.

The Snow Challenge

North Dakota’s DOT snowplows and snow truck drivers were experiencing two problems during winter: snow coverage on vehicle windshields and ice build-up on the windshield wipers. These required drivers to exit their vehicles and manually de-ice the wiper blades and remove snow buildup on the windshields before continuing to operate the vehicle safely. This slowed down the entire department’s ability to maintain roads.

The SEEVAtherm Standard Solution

Adopting the SEEVAtherm Standard for North Dakota’s snowplows helped to increase vehicle safety and uptime.

“I felt the unit saved me multiple trips out of the cab to clean ice buildup from the windshield. On average you get out of the cab three times an hour and clean ice buildup during an event, so it saves time and reduces the chance of slipping and falling. It provides instant deicing and to me delivers on its promise,” said Kelly Bacon, Edgeley, North Dakota Section Supervisor.

“After this was installed on my truck, I never once had to stop and smack the ice buildup on my wipers or scrape ice off the windshield (the ability to do that without a ladder requires a long stick, a spot to pull over, and leaning out over an open door). The ability for instant deicing while on the move greatly improves safety and reduces downtime. With rapid ice buildup on both the glass and wipers we lose visibility quickly and finding a spot to pull over is often very difficult. In the past I would go through 3 to 4 sets of wipers per winter. This year I used one. The fluid was also hot enough to melt down the ice damming in the cowl tray. I also used to have to pull into the shop just to get the ice cleared, that didn’t happen either after this was installed,” said Jon Skedsvold, Fargo, North Dakota Section Supervisor.

Reindeer Shuttle

Reindeer Shuttle offers ground transportation to passengers traveling between Chicago O'Hare International Airport, Purdue University, and the Indianapolis International Airport. Reindeer Shuttle’s entire business is built and sustained on ensuring passengers are picked up and dropped off at their locations on-time.

The Environmental Challenge

During the winter, Reindeer Shuttle teams encounter tough driving conditions like snow, ice, and mud, while the summer months bring bug swarms and dust storms. This environmental debris can cover vehicle windshields and slow down the fleet’s ability to stay on-schedule and get passengers to their destinations on-time.

During winter of 2018, Reindeer Shuttle drivers pulled over frequently to clear ice from the windshield wipers. They removed road spray from the windshield manually because they kept running out of windshield washer fluid. This delayed schedules and forced drivers out of their vehicles and onto slippery, icy roads to clear their windshields.

The SEEVAtherm Standard Solution

“We’re in the business of getting our customers to their flights, and school, on-time and we’re proud of everything we do to ensure we meet and exceed scheduled drop-off times,” said Paul Branham President and CEO of Reindeer Shuttle.  

“When we discovered and implemented the SEEVAtherm Standard, the team at Reindeer Shuttle was excited about it because it really helped eliminate the need for our drivers to exit their vehicles and manually clean off their windshields. This helped keep our staff and passengers safe while ensuring our schedules were on point. We believe the product is so effective at what it does because it uses heated washer fluid to quickly and easily remove all debris off a windshield, which also ensures you’re using less fluid overall.”

The Reindeer Shuttle team is constantly evaluating new products and technologies to incorporate into their fleets that help to ensure the team is providing the best experience possible to its employees and customers. SEEVAtherm Standard HD is helping to improve Reindeer Shuttle’s driving experience while keeping vehicles on the road.